How much will shipping/delivery cost ?

Shipping will cost (roughly) $5 in the US and between $5-$10 for international backers. T-shirt shipping will cost much less. Shipping will be calculated and collected when we send the backer survey. This will be just before your rewards are sent to ensure the most fair shipping rates.

I’m a journalist and have questions, who do I contact ?

We’d love to help answer all of your questions. Please contact us at

Keeping everyone up to date…

All events will be posted on movenergy.net. If you are a baker you will receive the monthly Newsletter otherwise register on movenergy.net and we’ll be sure to update you on any monumental events as and when they happen.

Can I help you distribute in Country X ?

As I am sure you can understand, the MovEnergy Crowdfunding process is pretty consuming, and we are very much focussed on delivering a good experience and good product to our backers. Theirs will be the first products shipped, followed by MovEnergy.net site pre-orders, and then wider sales channels.

Can I contribute to projects internationally?

Yes! Anyone can contribute to MovEnergy projects, from anywhere in the world. The only requirement is a major credit card.

What is a Turbocompressor ?


This technology is already used it ?

Yes it is used in F1 since 2014 is the motor generator unit-heat (MSU-H), but the V6 engine that provides hot gas tubocharger weighs 155 KG us Combustor 5 KG is used


Do I get notified if a project I’m backing succeeds?

We’ll send you an email when funding ends, no matter the outcome.