Listen: Zach Braff Reflects on “Wish I Was Here” Kickstarter

Contribute to the Movenergy Campaign Crowdfunding Nearly one year after Kickstarter success Wish I Was Here was released, Zach Braff sat down to reflect on the crowdfunding campaign. The Wish I Was Here  campaign launched on the crowdfunding giant’s platform in 2013 and captured $3.1 million from over 46,000 backers. Its synopsis reads: “A struggling actor,… Read More Powered by WPeMatico Follow movenergy2

Cocolico Launches on WiSeed: Exclusive French Children’s Clothes

Contribute to the Movenergy Campaign Crowdfunding Cocolico, an exclusive brand for children’s clothing collections made in France by Blue Poppies for international stores and department stores, recently launched its crowdfunding campaign on WiSeed seeking to raise €300,000, with a minimum €100 investment. Oohed and aahed for decades if not centuries, notable contemporary French-made children’s clothing… Read More Powered by WPeMatico Follow movenergy2

Sweet Cakes By Melissa Continues to Receive Supporter Donations Through Continue to Give Initiative Following State of Oregon Cease & Desist Order

Contribute to the Movenergy Campaign Crowdfunding Despite the state of Oregon’s recent ruling, supporters of Sweet Cakes by Melissa have continued to raise funds for the small bakery through its crowdfunding campaign on Continue to Give. Earlier year, the bakery was ordered to pay a lesbian couple the amount of $135,000… Read More Powered by WPeMatico Follow movenergy2

Shibuya Productions’ Cédric Biscay Admits During Interview: “Without Kickstarter, ‘Shenmue 3′ Would Never Have Seen the Light of Day”

Contribute to the Movenergy Campaign Crowdfunding With nearly two days until Shenmue III’s ends its fantastic streak on Kickstarter, video game’s co-producer Cédric Biscay of Shibuya Productions’ sat down to share details about the popular project, including its history. During the discussion, Biscay discussed what caused him to create Shibuya: “At the very… Read More Powered by WPeMatico Follow movenergy2

Advantages of Real Estate Crowdfunding Over REITs

Contribute to the Movenergy Campaign Crowdfunding Disclosure: Wealth Migrate is a client of / Massolution, the following is a sponsored post. Real estate crowdfunding is a rapidly developing industry, and is among the leading sectors in the equity crowdfunding landscape. Despite the industry’s growth, most in the mainstream are just starting to hear about real estate crowdfunding. When they do hear of it, one of the first questions that comes up is about the difference between real estate crowdfunding vs. REITs (real estate investment…

Crowdfunding: Why Truth is So Important to Your Brand

Contribute to the Movenergy Campaign Crowdfunding Editor’s Note: Thinking about starting a crowdfunding campaign but don’t know where to begin? Check out the advice below from Rose Spinelli, a crowdfunding campaign consultant who runs The Crowdfundamentals and was named as a top 100 crowdfunding thought leader. In the post below, Spinelli discusses how to make your campaign stand out without resorting to shady tactics. You can find her previous tips here. For most of us, reminders to tell the truth smack of a moralism found within a…

High speed electric motor generator offers high energy efficiency MovEnergy 25kwh


Contribute to the Movenergy Campaign Crowdfunding High Speed Generator / Starter This article gives a short overview of electrical machines used as high speed generators and motors, their advantages and some application fields. Furthermore, the challenges of developing and manufacturing high speed generators and motors are explained. With e+a located in Switzerland, there is a competent partner with more than 28 years of experience in designing and producing customized asynchronous and synchronous high speed generator elements for various application areas. Introduction Various requirements are actually…

Simple Combustor Increases Efficiency MovEnergy 25kwh


  Contribute to the Movenergy Campaign Crowdfunding Movenergy as created simple combustor (combustion chamber where fuel is burned to power an engine or gas turbine) designed to burn fuel in a wide range of combustible with next to no emission of nitrogen oxide (NOx) and carbon monoxide (CO), two of the primary causes of air pollution. The device has a simpler design than existing combustors and could be manufactured and maintained at a much lower cost, making it more affordable in everything from engines and…

Lean Burn Engine Reduces Nox Emissions MovEnergy 25kwh


Contribute to the Movenergy Campaign Crowdfunding The MovEnergy Engine work with an excess air-to-fuel ratio of 60:1 Internal combustion engine-powered generator sets fueled by natural gas are commanding more attention these days as interest grows in on-site power production equipment that is both efficient and environmentally friendly. In response to this interest, manufacturers have introduced natural gas engine-powered generator sets that feature “lean-burn” technology. The combustion is considered “lean” when excess air is introduced into the engine along with the fuel. Lean-burn means pretty much…