The Secret of less emissions and low fuel consumption MovEnergy 25kwh

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Contribute to the Movenergy Campaign Crowdfunding Turbine torque The Movenergy Engine uses intermittent gas power to spin a turbine. It is a reaction engine, rather than an expansion engine, like the steam engine or IC piston engine. In short pre-compressed air from the compressor is mixed with fuel and fed into the combustion chambers simultaneously, the compressed air/fuel mixture is ignited in the fully sealed combustion chamber and the hot gases of combustion are released through a venturi, turning the turbine in the opposite direction.…

Kickstarter-Success Smartpen N2 Debuts in the U.S.

Contribute to the Movenergy Campaign Crowdfunding On Wednesday, Sydney, Australia-based startup  NeoLAB Convergence announced that its Neo smartpen N2 (N2) marks an exciting milestone in the emerging smart pen category by making its way to the U.S. N2’s promise is simple: just write as you would with any other pen, and the N2 will automatically turn on, recognize what you are writing,… Read More Follow movenergy2

New crowdfunding site makes donating to musicians more efficient

Contribute to the Movenergy Campaign Crowdfunding /images/resized//article_41573_615x0_proportion.png?1427379626 A lot of musicians have started to use Kickstarter so they can receive money directly from fans. You can donate a certain amount of money to a project and in return, you typically get some sort of perk, such as an early release of an album, autographs or even the opportunity to meet the musician. SOURCE LINK to the full article: Tags: crowdfunding, crowdsourcing Comments Follow movenergy2

Crowd Coffee: March 26

Contribute to the Movenergy Campaign Crowdfunding Crowdfunding Is Changing Financing For Tech Startups | InvestopediaAt one time, opportunities to invest in a tech firm with the potential to become the next Google were limited to a select few angel investors. Today, thanks tocrowdfunding, that is no longer the case. Offering the ability for almost anyone to invest in startup companies, crowdfunding has dramatically changed the face of investing, and opened the door for the public to get in on the ground floor of all types…

SEC Votes to Implement Reg. A Rule Changes

Contribute to the Movenergy Campaign Crowdfunding SEC commissioners unanimously voted this morning to implement the proposed Regulation A rule changes commonly referred to as Regulation A+. The changes are a part of the JOBS Act, which was voted into law nearly three years ago, on April 5, 2012. The rule changes allow companies to publicly raise up to $50 million per year, well above the previous $5 million cap imposed by the old Reg. A. Notably, the rule change creates two offering tiers: Tier 1, for…

SEC Approves Regulation A+ Rules under Title IV of the JOBS Act that Pre-empts State Law and Paves the Way for Selling Up to $50 Million of Equity Crowdfunding Securities to Unaccredited Investors

Contribute to the Movenergy Campaign Crowdfunding There are no general solicitation restrictions so companies can freely advertise, market and publicize offerings at demo days, trade shows, mass media and via social media networks  By Robert Hoskins Washington, D.C. – The Securities and Exchange Commission adopted final rules unanimously to facilitate smaller companies’ access to capital.  The new rules provide investors with more investment choices.The new rules update […] Follow movenergy2

Sell your Electricity to the grid Movenergy 25kwh


  Contribute to the Movenergy Campaign Crowdfunding For many people contemplating producing their own electricity supply by micro-generation, part of the attraction is the possibility of exporting any surplus to the national grid. The National Grid Confusingly, exporting electricity to the grid does not actually involve selling it to the National Grid itself – one of the largest utilities in the world, which owns the high-voltage transmission system in England and Wales and operates the system across Britain. Instead, supplying the grid with surplus power…

Power Electronic MovENERGY 25 KWH Generator Fadec


Contribute to the Movenergy Campaign Crowdfunding 1. Introduction In the Automobile industry an electronic control unit (ECU) is a embedded electronic device, basically a digital computer, that read signals coming from sensors placed at various parts and in different components of the car and depending on this information controls various important units e.g. engine and automated operations within the car and also keeps a check on the performance of some key components used in the car. An ECU is basically made up of hardware and…