Misfit introduces the Flash Link, a $19 fitness tracker that can help you take a selfie

Contribute to the Movenergy Campaign Crowdfunding The popular fitness tracking company Misfit has released its most affordable fitness tracker yet, the Flash Link. Building on top of its already successful Misfit Flash, the company has added a number of new features and functionality to the device, beyond fitness tracking. Priced at $19, the Flash Link adds a smart button that allows you to control features of its new Link app. Some of the features include: Track Activity + Sleep Take A Selfie Control Your Music…

Toyota, Tesla, Solar Impulse 2, Govecs.

Contribute to the Movenergy Campaign Crowdfunding Heated hybrid recall: Toyota is asking 626,000 units of the Prius+, Prius alpha, and Auris hybrid produced between May 2010 and November 2014 to return to base immediately. A software issue could lead the hybrid system to overheat, causing it to shut down while driving.reuters.com, businessinsider.com The Gigafactory will triple in size, the Wall Street Journal reports. Tesla has acquired even more land from the state of Nevada, most of which will serve as so-called buffer land. No structures…

E-bikes in Spain.

Contribute to the Movenergy Campaign Crowdfunding Some 17,655 electric bikes were sold in Spain last year. Total sales almost reached 1.1 million bicycles, most of them MTB and kids bikes. E-bike sales grew 76.2 percent, according to Spanish AMBE, and they are poised for further growth.bike-eu.com Powered by WPeMatico Follow movenergy2

MoneySuperMarket, ETH Zurich, Iceland, ELIX Wireless.

Contribute to the Movenergy Campaign Crowdfunding Thinking ahead: A BMW i3 has been refitted to be controlled solely by the driver’s brain waves. It was developed by MoneySuperMarket for its Car Insurance Epic Mind Drive project. Via a headset, specially trained drivers think “right,” “left,” and “brake,” by associating these commands with images the EV can read.dailymail.co.uk Another Swiss solar plane is attempting to break a record. The ETH Zurich has developed the unmanned Atlantik Solar, which attempts to stay airborne for 80 hours. If…

Ian Callum, Rami Akily.

Contribute to the Movenergy Campaign Crowdfunding “Electric vehicles will change the profile of cars as soon as manufacturers accept the fact they are electric and don’t necessarily have to follow convention.” It looks like Ian Callum, head of design at Jaguar is taking quite a few new approaches, as the company will als show a SUV at the IAA. Although Callum would have preferred to design a purpose EV.just-auto.com “E-bikes have always been niche but they have started to reach mainstream.” Rami Akily, Managing Direct…

London, DriveNow, BWM, India, Top Rent a Car.

Contribute to the Movenergy Campaign Crowdfunding London pushes electrification: Transport for London announced two more bus lines to be served with electric buses. Route 507 and 521 will see 51 electric buses in regular service, starting this autumn. By 2020, all London buses (300 trolleys and 3,000 double deckers) will be electric.tfl.gov.uk, engadget.com BMW i3 for DriveNow: The first 100 electric BMW for the German DriveNow carsharing fleet have arrived. They replace the 60 BMW ActiveE that have been operating in Berlin and Munich. 40…

BMW, Toyota.

Contribute to the Movenergy Campaign Crowdfunding Video tip I: BMW introduced a prototype fuel cell i8. Now, watch the vehicle in action. Did you know that the first hydrogen i8 was built back in 2012? Obviously, progress has been made since then.youtube.com Video tip II: True to Japanese anime, Toyota has issued an animated movie to promote the Mirai FCV to North American buyers. The spot could be a bit more colourful, but is to animate first movers.youtube.com Powered by WPeMatico Follow movenergy2

Petty protest.

Contribute to the Movenergy Campaign Crowdfunding A student from the University of North Carolina got a parking ticket on campus. When he learned that 80 percent of the fine goes to the state and not to the university, he still paid literally every penny – dropping off three buckets full of the copper coins. Happy counting!edition.cnn.com Powered by WPeMatico Follow movenergy2

Toyota Prius Taxi has travelled over 1 Million Kms [VIDEO]

Contribute to the Movenergy Campaign Crowdfunding In a new video posted by Toyota Austria, a taxi driver claims to have covered 1 million kilometers (more than 600,000 miles) in his 2007 Toyota Prius – all with the original battery pack. What’s more, the driver, Manfred Dvorak, claims the Prius has never broken down. “For me, the Prius is the ultimate sidekick,” he says. Powered by WPeMatico Follow movenergy2

Foodist Exceeds 901K€ in Crowdfunding on Companisto: Delivering Steady Growth and International Delicacies

Contribute to the Movenergy Campaign Crowdfunding Beliebte Produckte! With 24 days remaining on its third Companisto crowdfunding campaign, Foodist has gained the support of over 880 Companists who pitched in over 901,415€ in entrepreneurial foodie funding. A successful campaign from the get-go, the Hamburg-based delicacy box start-up Foodist, co-founded in 2012 by Alexander Djordjevic… Read More Powered by WPeMatico Follow movenergy2