Micro cogeneration fuel boilers MovEnergy 25kwh

Micro cogeneration fuel boilers .

These devices are also called ” generating boilers ” or ” ecogenerator .” They are advertised as the third generation of gas boilers after conventional boiler and condensing boiler. Their particularity is to produce both , from the same source of energy , heat and electricity . This system, in addition to allowing you to heat your home and your hot water , you can become a producer of electricity for a portion of your needs.

How does the micro -CHP boiler ?

The principle of cogeneration is to produce at the same time and in the same installation from the same fuel energy , heat (thermal energy) and electricity.

Boiler and a portion of its interior


We are talking about micro -CHP for less than 36 kVA ( residential applications and small commercial ) electrical power . Thus, the micro -CHP boiler is the result of the integration of micro- cogeneration in an efficient boiler.

Engine to generate electricity is combined with a condensation system , thus achieving a very good performance from your boiler ( for 100 kWh of fuel consumed by the boiler, 25 kWh is recovered as electricity kWh and 70 as heat , with losses of 5 kWh ) . When the heating requirements are very important , the gas is injected into a second circuit with a booster burner to produce only heat. Thus, as a conventional condensing boiler , boiler micro -CHP can meet all the needs of heating and hot water housing.

This boiler will retain all the benefits of individual boiler (performance, reliability, low maintenance) with the advantage of a home electricity production.

What to do with electricity ?

Resale of electricity from micro -CHP does not have specific price. The electricity generated by your boiler and micro-cogeneration is generally used for the consumption of housing, thereby reducing your electricity consumption and therefore lower your electricity bill.
When there is little or no demand for electricity in your home at the time of production, the surplus electricity is then automatically and directly injected into the network ( then there is resale) . However, it must be concluded prior to a purchase contract prior obligation to sell the electricity generated.
However, to use this power , you need to connect your system to the grid.
Check with your installer for information on connecting your boiler to the mains ( must provide grid connection costs by ERDF and also for the subscription of a second electric meter ) .

What is instead required to install a micro -CHP boiler ?

A micro -CHP boiler takes no more space than a condensing boiler classique.L power supply is via a dedicated cable from the electrical panel.

Is it necessary to change its heat emitters ?

The micro -CHP boiler connects easily to all types of issuers. However , as the condensing boiler , performance is improved with low temperature emitters such as low temperature radiators or underfloor heating .

What micro-CHP brings more compared to other boilers ?

In addition to being an efficient boiler, boiler micro -CHP allows you to generate your electricity.

The distributed power generation has several advantages :

- it limits the energy losses due to transport and centralized power generation
it limits the emissions of greenhouse gas emissions due to the use of thermal power stations ( gas plants , coal ) where periods of peak electricity demand
it guarantees electricity production during peak demand ( the coldest days )

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