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The Movenergy crowdfunding campaign will be launched February 2015 .

“Range extender technologies overcome the major challenge of range anxiety and extended times taken to charge, by generating on board electricity with the help of different technologies such as internal combustion engine, fuel cell stack and micro-gas turbine. The Movenergy Engine range extender is a very simplified micro turbine which consumes 1.5 liter/hour. Range-extenders are the future.”

Movenergy Engine The Simplest Engine of the Century.


Initially the idea was to design a range extender for electric car using the energy pulse that keeps the rotational speed of the generator using the minimum of fuel. Several ideas have been studied, two-stroke engine, flywheel, gas generator type V1, Tesla turbine.

pizap.com14035329295361The turbine was needed to convert the motion because simpler. It took a lot of air for complete combustion the turbocharger was the ideal choice. Conventional combustion in an engine is incomplete so we chose a room with a burning background remains alone at 1000 ° which allows us to use multi fuel and get a pulse energy engine.
The MovEnergie Engine is a gas turbine combustion very simplified that are used in two ways: mechanical energy through the rotation of the turbine shaft which drives a (MovEnergy generator) power generator or the energy of the exhaust gas to heat (Movenergy heater) heater generator. If we use the two is the MovEnergy Cogeneration. (The Power Electronic is used to maintain the number of revolutions of the turbo at about 3.000/25.000 rpm.)

MovEnergy uses a standard ECU with sensors turbo speed, temperature of the turbo inlet, temperature of the exhaust gas, fuel which regulates arrived drop wise fuel oil and water cooler to maintain the speed of rotation of the turbine has + – 25,000 rpm.

Movenergy does not inject fuel, electronic arrival of the oil drop by drop, start it pulses 600 drops per minute, then the number of kWh generate a module manages it is between 300 and 150 drops per minute. Every drop of fuel the system sends one drop of water to cool and boost combustion MovEnergy uses 50% fuel and 50% water and consumes 1.5 liters of fuel + water an hour. The rotor of the motor-generator and the turbine shaft are fixed and rotate freely.The kWh cost about 3 cent.

One engine with several market

Electric Generator 25/65kWh, Multi Fuel Burner for Heater, Range Extender For Electric Car 25/65kWh, Electric Boat, Electric Aircraft, Electric Bus, Biomass Odd Grid Energy, A.P.U Aircraft, Co generation Electricity+Heater

Crowdfunding allows people with a good business idea to ask the public for the funding they need to develop or expand. The company has set a target to raise the money he wants and how he will use the money. People can then make commitments for small sums of money in exchange for a reward if the goal is reached.

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The Movenergy crowdfunding campaign will be launched March 2015 for 480.000 $
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The Movenergy crowdfunding campaign will be launched March 2015 for 480.000 $

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