The Project MovEnergy 25kwh


The Backstory

Initially the idea was to design a range extender for electric car using the energy pulse that keeps the rotational speed of the generator using the minimum of fuel.

Several ideas have been studied, two-stroke engine, flywheel, gas generator type V1, Tesla turbine
The turbine was needed to convert the motion because simpler.
It took a lot of air for complete combustion the turbocharger was the ideal choice.
Conventional combustion in an engine is incomplete so we chose a room with a burning background
remains alone at 1000 ° which allows us to use multi fuel and get a pulse energy engine.

Working Process

We tested seven combustion chamber the Combustor



There was one year helped design the reflection























The MovEnergy Engine

The MovEnergie Engine is a gas turbine combustion very simplified that are used in two ways: mechanical energy through the rotation of the turbine shaft which drives a (MovEnergy generator) power generator or the energy of the exhaust gas to heat (Movenergy heater) heater generator. If we use the two is the MovEnergy Cogeneration. (The Power Electronic is used to maintain the number of revolutions of the turbo at about 10.000/25.000 rpm.)

MovEnergy uses a standard ECU with sensors turbo speed, temperature of the turbo inlet , temperature of the exhaust gas,fuel which regulates arrived dropwise fuel oil and water cooler to maintain the speed of rototion of the turbine has + – 25,000 rpm. Movenergy does not inject fuel, electronic arrival of the oil drop by drop, start it pulse 600 drops per minute, then the number of kwh generate a module manages it is between 300 and 150 drops per minute.Every drop of fuel the system sends one drop of water to cool and boost combustion MovEnergy uses 50% fuel and 50% water. and consumes 1.5 liters of fuel + water a hour.

The rotor of the motor-generator and the turbine shaft are fixed and rotate freely.

Specifications : Dimensions W,L,H 30X40X40 cm, Weigth about 15 kg, Sound about 77 dB(A) @ 1m, Consumption about 1.5 liter/hour(fuel+water), NOx CO VOC <7 ppmv,3.000/25.000 rpm, Oil free with airfoil bearing technologie.




Multi-Fuel Electric Generator 25KW
- 1 MovEnergy Engine 25KW
- 1 fuel tank 20 liters (range 15 hours)
- 1 Power Electronic
- 1 Voltage Regulator
Weight about 60 kg
Frequence 50hz 400v/230v/130v
costs only 3 cents per kwh
excess combustion air
*complete oxidation combustor

Our system naturally has provided the basis of the electricity and heat (cogeneration).

The Electronic Control is used to maintain the number of revolutions of the turbo at 10.000 to 50.000 rpm

depending on the application.

Everything is in place … It remains for us to install our prototype demonstration MovEnergy 25kWh Generator.

We have extensively tested the Multi-fuel Combustor is the centerpiece of the project
and selected suppliers to the ignitor and the arrival of multi fuel.

Our project is in active development for over 6 months now. Thanks to you we can finance the production and testing of our two prototype demonstration . .

It will help us to validate and optimize all the technical choices made. It will be a full-scale simulation of future projects involving industrialization to lower costs of the Multi-Fuel Electric Generator 25KW.


We are in connection with three companies that manufactures turbocharger for their entrusted manufacturing MovEnergy Generator 25 kwh.

For the same powers our products will be twice less than the competition.

They serve us especially as commercial support for our next steps in sales.

Indeed, we are now in advanced discussions with several international clients and we need to realize this achievement these early prospects and credibility to sit on.

If we exceed the goals , each additional euro collected will be used for our marketing and communication in order to make know the product more . In particular, we expect an initial budget of $ 20,000 web campaign , $ 20,000 advertising in specialized media .

The Team

Our founding team is composed of tree engineers doctors, graduates for one (Tom) of the Ecole Polytechnique and UCLA (USA), and the other (Peter) ESPCI and Cambridge (UK) and a (Helena) engineer Commerial (Hec) and Marc A self made contractor.

We will strengthen through the integration of technical and business profiles further in the months to come.
MovEnergy is a project created in 2014 in Paris.

The project was born from the experience of the two founding partners in the industrial development of innovative technologies for the range extender of car and commercial lithium battery.

For design engineering and computer-aided manufacturing we are assisted by a school of engineers with 40 workstation CFAO

For years we see a large gap between the cost of the technology itself and the price of the final product sold to customers. We have the ambition to finally propose technical solutions to be freed from these unnecessary costs and make the competitive energy.


T-shirt image

MovEnergy Generator 45kwh




MovEnergy Range Extender 25/65 KWH



Specifications : Dimensions W,L,H 40X80X40 cm, Weigth about 35 kg, Sound about 77 dB(A) @ 1m, Consumption about 1.5 liter/hour (fuel+water), NOx CO VOC <7 ppmv, Electric Generator 25-65 kw, Voltage 350/400 DCV, Oil free with airfoil bearing technologie.


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