Simple Combustor Increases Efficiency MovEnergy 25kwh

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Movenergy as created simple combustor (combustion chamber where fuel is burned to power an engine or gas turbine) designed to burn fuel in a wide range of combustible with next to no emission of nitrogen oxide (NOx) and carbon monoxide (CO), two of the primary causes of air pollution. The device has a simpler design than existing combustors and could be manufactured and maintained at a much lower cost, making it more affordable in everything from engines and elecric generator to home water heaters an cogeneration.

MovEnergy takes advantage of technological advances in the ceramic industry by choosing to manufacture its combustion chambers (combustion chamber) silicon nitride ceramic material that supports a temperature of 1400 ° Operating Condition

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Movenergy combustor significantly reduces NOx and CO emissions in a variety of aircraft engines and gas turbines that burn gaseous or liquid fuels. It burns fuel with NOx emissions below 1 parts per million (ppm) and CO emissions lower than 10 ppm, significantly lower than emissions produced by other combustors.

A traditional combustor mixes fuel and air before they are injected into the combustion chamber. Movenergy combustor injects the fuel and air separately into the combustor.

The compressed air comes from the top and is injected into two areas the bottom and top of the combustor

The combustor burns fuel into temperature reactions about 1000 ° that occur over a large portion of the combustor. By eliminating all high temperature pockets through better control of the flow of the reactants and combustion products within the combustor, the device produces far lower levels of NOx and CO and avoids acoustic instabilities that are problematic in current low emissions combustors.

Fuel injector

The fuel injector is responsible for introducing fuel to the combustion zone and, is responsible for mixing the fuel and air. There are four primary types of fuel injectors; pressure-atomizing, air blast, vaporizing, and premix/prevaporizing injectors.

Movenergy does not inject fuel, electronic arrival of the oil drop by drop, start it pulse 600 drops per minute, then the number of kwh generate a module manages it is between 300 and 150 drops per minute.


The-parking-heater-pulse-pump-12v-fuel-pump-for-independent-air-heaters-for-1kw-6kw-Heaterpulse fuel drop


Most igniters in gas turbine applications are electrical spark igniters, similar to automotive spark plugs. The igniter needs to be in the combustion zone where the fuel and air are already mixed, but it needs to be far enough upstream so that it is not damaged by the combustion itself. Once the combustion is initially started by the igniter, it is self-sustaining and the igniter is no longer used.


Air flow paths

Primary air

This is the main combustion air. It is highly compressed air from the high pressure compressor (often decelerated via the diffuser) that is fed through the main channels in the bottom of the combustor and the first set of liner holes. This air misture with fuel, and then combusted.

Operating Condition temperature of 1000 ° also allows us to burn the water content in the air :20 g per m3.
Normal air-fuel ratio is on the order of 15:1 (15 parts of air to one part fuel). True lean can go as high as 23:1.
Movenergy uses a ratio that can go up to 60:1.
The water is not a problem for the combustion chamber MovEnergy a test up to 50% water / fuel.


Dilution air

Dilution air is airflow injected through holes in the liner at the top of the combustion chamber to help cool the air to before it reaches the turbine stages. The air is carefully used to produce the uniform temperature profile desired in the combustor. This air completes the reaction processes, cooling the air down and diluting the high concentrations of carbon monoxide (CO) .


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