Samsung Gear S review

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Samsung didn’t just make another smartwatch — it made a really small phone for your wrist

Samsung helped launch the idea of a modern smartwatch to general consumers when it unveiled the original Galaxy Gear. That was in September of last year, if you can believe it, and since then Samsung has launched four more smartwatches — the Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, Gear Fit and Gear Live. And here we are just over a year after its first smartwatch, and Samsung launched its sixth — the Gear S.

Going in the opposite direction of the “less is more” philosophy of Android Wear, Samsung is simply going with more on the Gear S. It has a huge 2-inch curved AMOLED display, piles of features and a bevy of health-related sensors on board. Samsung even went a step further, including standalone Wifi and 3G support so you can leave your phone at home and go watch-only when needed.

Calling this a “smartwatch” actually sells it short a bit — the Gear S has more in common with basic smartphones than other watches. Read along and see how Samsung pulled it together in our full Gear S review.

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