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Lawmakers support equity crowdfunding from Virginians to Virginia startups | Daily PressA bill that’s garnered bipartisan support from lawmakers seeks to open up an alternate source of funding for Virginia startups instead of waiting on federal rulings about crowdfunding. “I think there is no doubt that this vehicle will create a structure that absolutely will create jobs in our region,” said Del. Scott Taylor (R-Virginia Beach), who introduced the bill in the House.

Tips for crowdfunding donors | FoxCTUnlike the typical model for raising capital through a single lender, crowdfunding is a way for entrepreneurs, non-profit fundraisers and others to raise money from many different sources, usually on crowdfunding internet sites where they can introduce their product or cause to the world.

6 biggest challenges of real estate crowdfunding | InmanThere are numerous challenges to crowdfunding typical of any new endeavor in which the full potential has yet to be reached. While crowdfunding has been used successfully when it comes to investing in all types of projects, there are still some obstacles when it comes to the real estate field:

Crowdsourcing Women in Science and Engineering | Scientific AmericanAmy Poehler’s Smart Girls at the Party teamed up with PBS Digital Studios’ It’s Okay to Be Smart to launch the “Science Needs Women” project, asking fans to post videos about a woman in science who inspires them – dead, alive, your mom, anyone! They ask that you share your video with #sciencewoman and email your video link to . The submission deadline is just one week away, Monday, March 2, so get your phone out and start talking to it about your favorite woman in science.

New Hackathon Aims To Crowdsource Low-Cost Solar For The 99% | CleanTechnicaWhen we say A-list, we mean that Appirio’s Topcoder rounds up 700,000 of what it bills as the “world’s best problem-solving minds” for crowdsourcing projects, with a collective track record that includes Amazon Web Services, Cloud Foundry,, Heroku, HTML5, Ruby, and Java, along with Google, NASA, Starbucks, and Virgin America. This latest project comes under the Department of Energy’s SunShot Catalyst program.

Liftshare boss: Is venture capital hindering or helping the sharing economy? | BusinessGreenBut Clabburn fears this emerging sector risks being overtaken by business people who are more concerned with making a quick buck than helping to solve social problems and build communities. A recent government review of the sharing economy was biased towards venture capital backed companies, he complains. “There’s a real division in the community between those who are building up businesses to raise venture capital and have a nice exit, and those who are set up to support their community,” he tells BusinessGreen. “There are some that manage to do both, but there are an awful lot that are all about the money now and it’s driven by VCs, so if you haven’t raised £10m then you’re not that interesting.”

Weekend Read: Liberals and Conservatives Both Love and Loathe the Sharing Economy | WSJFor example, Uber recently hired David Plouffe, a political strategist for the Democrats who was the campaign manager for both of President Obama’s presidential races. Meanwhile, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), speaking at Uber’s Washington, D.C. office, praised the ridesharing startup, backing the idea of breaking the juggernaut of big unions and regulated medallion cartels. Rubio said that, “what regulation should never be is a weapon that is used by connect

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