6 Rapidly Funded Kickstarter Projects – Weekly Roundup


This week’s rapidly funded Kickstarter projects include more technology, artistic, and other miscellaneous consumer products that would appeal to a wide variety of individuals. We believe that many of these projects were so successful due to the hard work that has gone into them, and the fact that they launched at the right time. That being said, here are Kickstarter projects launched this past week that have met their goals very early and still have quite a while left before the end of their campaigns:

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Cobblebot 3D Printer

Cobblebot 3D

Creators: Cobblebot LLC

Amount Funded: $132,094

Number of Backers: 445

Average Pledge per Backer: $297

Duration: July 8th to August 7th (30 days)

The Cobblebot is yet another iteration of the 3D Printer being marketed for mass consumer use. This version gets its edge by being a bigger, higher quality, and more practical alternatives to some of the smaller starter machines that have become available. What this project’s video lacks they make up for with pictures of the machine and its products, information about how it works, as well as plans for the project in general. The machine is also customizable and comes in different colors, which is something that Kickstarter users tend to love. 

ACTON R RocketSkates: World’s First Smart Wearable Mobility

ACTON R RocketSkates

Creators: Peter Treadway + ACTON

Amount Funded: $152,554

Number of Backers: 328

Average Pledge per Backer: $463

Duration: July 8th to August 22nd (45 days)

These rocket skates look a lot like futuristic rollerblades, but are light weight and motorized. Similar to many other travel and tracking devices I’ve seen on Kickstarter recently, this product includes an app with interactive features with other ACTION R RocketSkates’ users (including games, and an open source component), route tracking, and wireless control. Another distinguishing feature of this project is that the RocketSkates can also be used to walk, making it easy to get up stairs or around tricky areas. 

Electric Objects: A Computer Made for Art

Electric Objects- A Computer Made for Art

Creators: Electric Objects

Amount Funded: $343,508

Number of Backers: 1,048

Average Pledge per Backer: $328

Duration: July 8th to August 7th (30 days)

According to their Kickstarter page, Electric Objects (or EO1) is, “A framed high-definition screen and integrated computer that hangs on your wall and brings art from the Internet into your home.” Taking a look at their video made me think of both a digital picture frame and the living pictures in Harry Potter. It definitely seems like fun to change your house’s décor based on your mood in the way that the creators talk about and talk about partnerships with museums and artists in trying to bring cool are to backers and develop their product.

The “Portsea” by Melbourne Watch Company

The Portsea by Melbourne Watch Company

Creators: Sujain Krishnan

Amount Funded: $45,840 AUD 

Number of Backers: 71

Average Pledge per Backer: $646

Duration: July 9th to August 8th (30 days)

Having already successfully funded two previous watches through crowdfunding – The Flinders on Indiegogo, and The Hawthorn on Kickstarter – this group is going for their third model, which features automatic calendar movements. This watch comes in several different colors, is well designed, and the creators hope to be shipping the product out to backers by October 2014. 

Bear Skn: Comfortable underwear for men of size.

Bear Skn- Comfortable underwear for men of size.

Creators: Jody Koenig & Bjorn Ryan-Gorman

Amount Funded: $24,237

Number of Backers: 345

Average Pledge per Backer: $70

Duration: July 8th to August 12th (35 days)

Bear Skn is planning a movement for men of size, and is asking us to be a part of it. Although this project is on a lower scale than many of the others in our weekly round-up (and I am far from a man of size), I watched the video twice and thought that it was inspired. The way that they share their story, use humour, and encourage action from potential backers was great. Like many other Kickstarter projects these creators have really started with their customer; asking what men’s needs are to figure out how they can fix a common issue. Backers can receive this product in different colors and styles. For $6,000 you can get 365 pairs, one for every day of the year!

6.  3000 Moments

3000 Moments

Creators: Pascal Campion

Amount Funded: $28,303

Number of Backers: 376

Average Pledge per Backer: $75

Duration: July 9th to August 8th (30 days)

This artist is starting a cool project to turn 3,000 of his Daily Sketches into a coffee table book of his art, stories about his career, tutorials, and other information for art fans and aspiring artists alike. Some of the goals include copies of the book itself as well as printed art from it. Pascal Campion has been sharing his sketches on social media for years now (he started them in 2005) and has self-published several books in the past.


Our goal in these weekly roundups is to give you an idea of the types of projects that are doing well on Kickstarter right out of the gate and to give you videos/layouts/rewards to study in preperation for your own campaigns.

Are you a backer of any of these projects? Be sure to leave a comment below also if you think we left out any key projects that launched in the past week.

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