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Top 4 Crowdfunding Developments and Predictions for Asia in 2015 | EntrepreneurWhile Asia has a handful of donation-based crowdfunding platforms which don’t need any regulations, it still needs to catch up with its neighbors in terms of equity crowdfunding regulations. In India, the Security and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) released new crowdfunding rules for business startups earlier this year. Although it currently restricts participation from players in real estate and financial business sector, the move has raised hopes for the development of crowdfunding in the region.

Syndicate Room Claims First UK Crowdfunding Offer to Generate Accessible Returns for Investors | Crowdfund InsiderMill Residential not only became the first REIT to raise funding on an equity crowdfunding site but it is claiming the first crowdfunding investment to generate accessible returns for investors with its speedy listing on the London Stock Exchange AIM. Crowdfunding on Syndicate Room, Mill Residential easily raised its funding objective this past December and then spun around and listed shares on the LSE. Investors experienced a quick pop of approximately 10% and as of today show a gain of a bit over 11% on the freely tradable shares.

Atlanta Hawks fan starts crowdfunding campaign to buy team | Sports IllustratedThe Atlanta Hawks are for sale, and one man is trying to open the bidding process beyond just billionaires. Mark DiNatale, a self-described lover of “the ATL” and an Atlanta native, has started a crowdfunding campaign to purchase the Hawks. DiNatale is trying to raise $600 million to buy the franchise, which would then be owned by donors to the campaign.

Empatica crowdfunding Embrace, a wearable for epilepsy | MobiHealthNewsCambridge, Massachusetts and Milan, Italy-basedEmpatica is crowdfunding a new wristworn tracker device, Embrace, which brings clinically validated tracking methods to the consumer market. The technology has an initial primary focus on epilepsy, but is also usable for activity, stress and sleep tracking in healthy individuals and will gradually add use cases for other chronic conditions including anxiety, depression, and autism.

Crowdfunding to improve beach access | DelawareOnlineHaldeman isn’t alone. Some 56,000 Delawareans have some type of disability and many face limits when they try to reach the beach. So state park officials are participating in a unique fundraising effort to try to improve access for those with disabilities. Their goal: to raise $30,000 by the end of Thursday through the National Recreation and Park Association “Fund Your Park” crowdfunding campaign.

Microemployers & Microemployees: Crowdsourcing in the Labor Market | NPQCrowdsourced labor sounds neat, flexible, hip, but it is also without structure and standards—including questions of minimum wages. What protections are there for the online-recruited crowdsourced employee whose employer may simply refuse to pay—or for the crowdsourcing employer whose employee absconds with the product the person was recruited to produce?

Crowdsourcing Dickens? Novel experiment! | PuneMirrorDetractors, while not entirely against such a process, felt the end product would be nowhere near authentic. Satish Khot, who runs The Book Club with wife Dr Mohini Khot at the US Library, said, “Any author’s soul gives a book a particular flavour. This cannot come across through an initiative like this.” Citing examples like Gone with the Wind and Sherlock Homes, Khot added, “Sequels not written by the original authors lack an authentic tenor.”

Study Examines Effects of the ‘Sharing Economy’ Revolution | Human EventsA recent study by published by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University examines the recent rise of innovative peer-to-peer companies such as Airbnb, Lyft, and Uber, explaining the “sharing economy” and its relationship with consumers and regulators. Mercatus Center scholars Christopher Koopman, Matthew Mitchell, and Adam Thierer define the sharing economy as “any marketplace that brings together distributed networks of individuals to share or exchange otherwise underutilized goods—for both monetary and non-monetary benefit.”

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