Fastest Growing Jobs on Freelancer [Infographic]

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Freelancer is one of the biggest crowdsourced labor marketplaces in the world, with over 14 million users having registered on its platform.

The site has hundreds of skills that employers can seek out and the workers can put on their profile, from grant writing and Excel entry, to translation and business coaching. Some jobs on the platform, though, are growing at much faster rates than others, and earlier today, Freelancer put out a brief and an infographic (created by one of the freelancers on the platform, naturally) showing some of the fastest growing skill categories on its platform. The company also revealed that 74 percent of its users are ‘millennials’ (which it defines as between ages 18 and 34).

You can check out the infographic below, which shows “the top four project categories in four areas that impact many parts of our lives every day,” and the percentage increase in the number of projects posted in each category when compared to 2013.

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