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2014 and looking ahead: what’s in store for crowdfunding in India? | YourStoryIn addition to these traditional forays, the decades since our independence has also seen business empires and creative projects leverage the power of crowds through communities. Those like the Reliance Industries have been built on the contributions of thousands of small-time investors, and so have movies like Shyam Benegal’s ‘Manthan’ been realised with small contributions from a large number of people. Here are some of the key issues to ponder and tackle in the future:

SE Asia Real Estate Platform CoAssets will Launch Crowdfunders Magazine | Crowdfund Insider“Although CoAssets is currently more focused on real estate crowdfunding, CrowdFunders will cover news and commentaries beyond the property segment to include other types of crowdfunding – such as product-, donation-, equity-crowdfunding as well as peer-to-peer lending news. Apart from crowdfunding news, we also want to give businesses and projects listed on CoAssets greater market exposure.

Crowdfunding saves siblings’ home | siblings’ godmother, Linda Newsome, set up a crowdfunding page via the Givealittle website to try and relieve some financial pressure. In six months, 948 people, including hundreds of “complete strangers”, donated $52,715. Kate said it meant she and Bryce could to stay in the family home. “It was a massive relief. “I still have three of Mum’s mortgages to work towards paying off but it is a lot more achievable,” she said. “I will forever be grateful and in awe of people’s generosity. I can’t express how much it has helped.”

Crowdsourcing is our latest weapon against nationalism and ‘Anzackery’ | The GuardianSince 1918 the state library (previously the public library of NSW) has collected more than 1,200 diaries, letters and journals of people who served in world war one. The collection’s significance was recently highlighted with inclusion on Unesco’s memory of the world register. Remarkably its entire 180,000 pages has been digitised and made accessible on the library website. Now the library wants the public to transcribe the written words of a century ago.

Crowdsourcing Terror: ISIS Asks for Ideas on Killing Jordanian Pilot | VocativTwo days after Jordanian fighter pilot Moaz al-Kasasba was taken captive by the Islamic State, the terror organization’s followers are playing a shockingly repugnant game on social media, sharing posts about how to kill the 26-year-old first lieutenant.ISIS supporters are having the morbid debate predominantly on Twitter, using the hashtag “Suggest a Way to Kill the Jordanian Pilot Pig”.

Crowdsourcing with Mobile Apps Brings ‘Big Data’ To Psychological Research | Imperial Valley NewsTo demonstrate the potential of mobile technology to gather data, the researchers partnered with Kedlin Co., the developer of the popular mobile app game Airport Scanner, which challenges players to identify illegal items in luggage passing through an airport x-ray scanner. Players view one bag at a time and tap their touchscreen to identify banned items. The game includes a logbook of illegal items (e.g., guns, hand grenades, switchblades) and legal items (e.g., ear phones, clothing), and the list expands from a handful of possible target items to hundreds as players progress through the game.

2014: When The Rental—Not “Sharing”—Economy Exploded | ReadWriteAirbnb changed the game of hospitality by empowering the average person to rent out their homes or rooms to travelers at a cheaper price than hotels. Uber revolutionized taxi service by giving people the option of chauffeuring folks locally using their own cars. The beauty of these Rental Economy startups is that they should benefit both parties. Theoretically, occupants get to earn income using resources they already own while renters benefit from a cheaper and more convenient option compared to centralized businesses.

Twilio helps sharing economy workers connect, and retain privacy | SF GateWhen Brian Schrier calls or texts folks who hire him via TaskRabbit to do odd jobs, his actual phone number — and theirs — is masked. Instead, a proxy number appears on both phone screens. “That way I don’t get little old ladies calling me at 2 in the morning,” he said. Communications between customers and service providers are crucial for a slew of on-demand services like TaskRabbit, Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, Handy, Washio, Postmates and more. But privacy concerns mean that neither party wants to share phone numbers with a stranger.

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