Crowd Coffee: July 18

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How China Could Introduce Equity Crowdfunding Ahead Of The US And Europe | ForbesMeanwhile, China tried a short experiment in equity crowd-funding that allowed users to invest up to RMB 100 up to two times on certain cultural projects and to seek an expected annual return of 7% on the original investment according to Roche. Equity fundraising is currently considered an illegal funding mechanism in China except for this experiment. Roche is hoping to launch an equity crowdfunding platform in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, a physical piece of land with more relaxed trade regulations.

The First 50 Real Estate Crowdfunding Platforms | Huffington PostFrom less than 10 a year ago to over 50 today, real estate crowdfunding platforms are sprouting up like World Cup fans in the United States. The accelerated growth is expected to continue, with large national firms along with local operators announcing upcoming platform launches. This rapid proliferation is due to developers’ need for capital to fund real estate projects, investors’ desire to generate attractive returns through investments they understand, the efficiency and convenience offered by the sites, plus a low barrier to entry for new platforms.

Intrastate Crowdfunding: Why the Red Tape? You Gotta be Able to Kick the Tires | Exit EventWhen you buy a car, you control how you expect to use it. You might want it as your primary mode of transportation, or it might be a showpiece or purchased for parts. But once you buy the car, you can do what you want with it. Along with title passes ownership and control.Not so with investments. When you hand over your money to a company (whether it is a startup or a publicly traded, Fortune 500 company), you are no longer in the driver’s seat. You are giving the company the power to use your money as it sees fit, with the hopes that one day you will get that money, plus some extra, back. You are taking the risk and are giving someone else control.

Canadian abortion clinic turns to crowd-funding to keep doors open | ReutersA crowd-funding campaign to save a Canadian abortion clinic has surpassed its C$100,000 ($93,100) goal but the Fredericton, New Brunswick, facility will still close its doors on Friday while organizers scramble to lease space for a new clinic.While state-funded abortion is available across Canada, the eastern province of New Brunswick provides abortions only in hospitals and only if two doctors agree the procedure is medically necessary.

Kickstarter Launched for ‘Breaking Bad’ Sequel Starring Val Kilmer and Slash | AceShowBizShepherd has even started a Kickstarter campaign to fund his project titled “Anastasia”, which eyes Val Kilmer and Slash as the lead actors. They are expected to play two cops, who try to answer three questions: Is Walter White alive? Where is he? And who dragged him away?

PSY Taps JamCam To Crowdsource “Hangover” Music Video | TechCrunchJamCam is a fun little Vine-style app that lets you create short mobile videos that are automatically paired up with the music you’re listening to. The company has been quiet for a while, but has recently launched a contest where users can contribute a bit of video to PSY’s newest song, “Hangover.”Of course, Hangover is no Gangnam Style, but the chance to submit video to an official music video is still fun.

Navigate the Sharing Economy Like a Pro | Men’s FitnessOf course, he booked his trip using Airbnb, the service that matches travelers with hosts who rent out spare rooms or entire homes. Though many have criticized it as unreliable or unsafe, the six-year-old company is the darling of Silicon Valley’s burgeoning “collaborative economy.” This spring, it secured $450 million in financing from investors, prompting Wall Street analysts to value the company at $10 billion. (That’s more than Intercontinental Hotels Group, whose market cap is $9.6 billion.)

Peer power | TTG AsiaIt’s easy to see the appeal of collaborative consumption today. Travellers are more price-conscious than ever with a world economy on the mend; this coupled with rising Internet penetration rates and a tech-savvy generation comfortable with online transactions plus a growing penchant for FIT travel have created fertile ground for P2P services to take root.But the greatest selling point of such services may be the promise of a less cookie-cutter experience for authenticity-seeking travellers – with Millennials being a significant subset of this group – be it a stay in a heritage shophouse in Singapore’s Chinatown district, a home-cooked Teochew and Foochow fusion dinner in Kuala Lumpur or a Vietnamese sand painting workshop led by a local artist in Ho Chi Minh City.

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