Crowd Coffee: July 29

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The Guardian experiments with crowdsourcing translations | Columbia Journalism ReviewSpeakers of English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Hindi, or Arabic can explore the Guardian’s new multimedia project on World War I in their native language. Those who are not might hope that someone will volunteer to translate the piece—anyone with proficiency in a language that the project, launched Wednesday, does not currently feature, can send the team an email and volunteer for the task. is piloting the service in San Francisco, where subscribers can place their order and receive a case of wine delivered in time for their dinner party.If successful, the service could also roll out to Chicago, Los Angeles, London, New York and Sydney.

Everything About “Crowdsourcing” and “Legal” In Less Than 30 Minutes | eYekaHave you ever wanted to be unbeatable about creative crowdsourcing and its legal aspects? If yes, great! If not, here’s a good opportunity to do so, because it’s all explained in a 26-minute video. Above are the slides of the “Crowdsourcing From A Legal Perspective” webinar, which we broadcasted on Wednesday July 23rd, giving you a brief overview of how it all works. We also have a recording, which is available to all.

Post-JOBS Act IPO trends | LexologyThere were 70 IPOs that priced in the second quarter of 2014. Of those almost 60% priced within or above the stated price range—this is fairly consistent with the experience of the last several quarters. Perhaps it is too early to assess, but some have speculated that test-the-waters meetings for EGC IPOs are providing useful information regarding pricing and that is contributing to more deals pricing within the filing range compared to pre-JOBS Act periods. IPOs priced in the first half of the year have outperformed the major equity indices.

Crowdfund Capital Advisors Report: Crowdfunding is Powerful Tool for Women & Minorities | Crowdfund InsiderCrowdfund Capital Advisors has published a report to highlight crowdfund investing as a powerful new tool to fuel the underserved women and minority markets. The document is titled; “Crowdfunding’s Potential for Minority and Women Owned Enterprises” The research was authored by Habib Jamal, Sherwood Neiss and Jason Best.

Uber to Debut Car-Booking Services for Business Travelers | BloombergBusiness travelers will now be able to book rides with Uber Technologies Inc. and pay using company accounts, expanding the potential size of the car-booking market. The San Francisco-based company is also teaming up with Concur Technologies Inc. (CNQR), a travel and expense management service, to make it easier for road warriors and their employers to use Uber and track claims, the companies said.

Uber, Airbnb Under Attack In Spain As Old And New Economies Clash | NPRThe regional Catalan government is also trying to thwart Airbnb, fining the U.S. company some $40,000 and threatening to block its website. This is the first such punishment for the popular room-booking website, and other municipalities could follow suit.Spain is emerging as a battleground for such apps and a test case for how governments handle innovations beloved by many citizens but hated by the hotel lobby and powerful labor unions.

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