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Aussie entrepreneurs will soon be doing equity crowdfunding – in New Zealand | BRWEquitise will compete in the New Zealand market with another start-up called Snowball Effect and also Pledge Me, which currently offers rewards-based crowdfunding like Pozible and Kickstarter.But its point of difference is that it is an Australian company targeting its own country’s entrepreneurs and investors as well as providing access to the New Zealand market.“Our point of difference from the Kiwis’ perspective is that we’re an ­Australian business and we’re bringing Australian investors and Australian investment opportunities to New ­Zealand,” Equitise founder Chris ­Gilbert said. “We’re still targeting New Zealand private businesses but we do offer Australian businesses as well.

Why You Should ‘Shark Tank’ Your Idea Before Launching A Crowdfunding Campaign | ForbesIn reality, I think this is something that more prospective crowdfunders should do. Pitch your idea to someone who knows a market, a person who is not a friend or loved one, someone who will give you honest feedback.Sure, you never should stop believing in yourself and there’s always the slight chance you have a vision that will be validated in a massively successful crowdfunding campaign. However, I think its probably safe to assume you’re not a Steve Jobs-esque visionary and by getting some sober market feedback before hitting the launch button, you can help your chances of success.

Crowdfund funeral costs for a loved one | MarketWatchJoshua Starnes created a campaign on Funeral Fund after his friend, fellow film critic Eric Harrison, died of a brain aneurysm at 57 in 2012. Harrison, who was single and childless, didn’t have life insurance and there were no proceeds from his estate to cover funeral expenses. His young nieces were left to come up with the funds for his burial.“Putting together even a modest funeral would have been impossible for them and [his colleagues] didn’t have enough cash in our group bank account to cover the cost,” says Starnes.

Today, the world’s No. 1 bourbon is excited to announce the winners of the Jim Beam “Single Barrel, Single Statement” Contest. Taking crowdsourcing to the next level by allowing fans to help co-create onto actual bottle labels sold in stores, Jim Beam Single Barrel Bourbon asked its fans to share personal “statements” – their wisdom for enjoying bourbon – that are as individual and unique as the brands’ first-ever single barrel bourbon.

LG Taps into the Power of Crowdsourcing Joining World Maker Faire New York 2014 | The Korea BizwireTo this end, LG Electronics officially sponsored World Maker Faire New York 2014 held in New York for two days from September 20 to 21 local time.Maker Faire exhibits fascinating products associated with technology and art in keeping with the do-it-yourself spirit, so it is a festival where makers show off their own products and share information and ideas together.

Crowdsourcing for social enterprise | Social Innovation EuropeThis is why we have created Babele, an open innovation platform that aims to support social entrepreneurs create viable business models through the collaboration and participation of the crowd. The community can give feedback, provide answers, post documents, share statistics and help the projects with their strategy.Our vision is to open up business models of social entrepreneurs, in order to allow the collective intelligence to contribute and to enable stakeholder participation. It would also enable successful social good initiatives to be copied and replicated somewhere else in the world much easier than it is done today.

The sharing economy is here to stay – and it changes everything | CreamSharing isn’t new—public transit systems have been around since the 19 century, and libraries much longer—but millennials have taken it to a whole new, tech-driven level. We share our cars, our belongings, our pets, and our homes with total strangers. Sites like Uber, Lyft and Airbnb are drawing inbillions in transaction fees. And the sharing economy is growing—new sites like Parking Panda, DogVacay and PeerSpace pop up all the time.The millennial generation is leading a sea change in what’s important to consumers. Today, it’s about affordability, convenience, and fun. Here are five reasons why millennials created the sharing economy, and why it isn’t going anywhere:

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