HTML5 apps coming to Amazon Fire TV

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Amazon Fire TV

Amazon is offering developers an outlet to publish their HTML5-based apps to the company’s Fire TV set-top box and their Fire TV Stick HDMI dongle. Developers who have already released web apps for Amazon’s Fire tablets and its Fire smartphone can also release those same apps for the Fire TV devices.

Amazon says:

Through the Amazon Appstore on Fire TV devices developers can now deploy web apps and games to a whole new audience. HTML5 is a great cross platform choice for developers and we are now enabling them to reach even more customers than before. While traditional media apps make sense on the Fire TV, we are also looking forward to seeing HTML5 games and media apps evolve on this new platform. With support for WebGL, Gamepad API and accelerated canvas, high quality web games can now run on the TV. This opens up an entirely new world to HTML5 game developers hoping to build console quality games with the tools and frameworks they currently use to reach millions of web and mobile web gamers every day.

Source: Amazon

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