Jawbone makes fitness fun and competitive with Up for Groups

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Jawbone makes fitness fun and competitive with Up for Groups

Jawbone is bringing the fitness challenge to businesses, enterprises, and organizations. Coupled with its Up wearable bands, Jawbone is unveiling its Up for Groups challenge where members of the same group could team up and challenge each other to stay active and fit. Administrators in the group can set up goals and challenges and participants and teams could then use Up for Groups to gamify sleep and activity tracking.

The Jawbone UP system is built on our three-part behavior change framework: track, understand and act. We’ve developed the UP for Groups experience with those same principles. Individual participants engaged with the UP system track their sleep and activity. Organizers (whom we call administrators) and participants can then use the service to understand those group-level metrics—both in the moment and over time—and take action.

Group challenges also enable administrators to create step-based challenges customized to the right level and duration for their group. Success is not measured by who walks the most steps—you don’t need a complex system to tell you who in your office is training for the marathon—but by celebrating the group with the highest number of participants completing the challenge.

Jawbone says that adding a teammate or competition to your fitness tracking could help motivate you further. The company notes that people with teammates are 10 percent more active than solo users.

This isn’t the first time we have seen more inventive uses for fitness trackers. Most recently, health insurance company Oscar started incentivizing members to stay fit.

Source: Jawbone

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