Samsung's rumored circular Gear watch will challenge Moto 360, LG G Watch R

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Samsung's rumored circular Gear watch will challenge Moto 360, LG G Watch R

It looks like circular smartwatches are en vogue and Samsung is rumored to be working on its own round Gear watch. The circular smartwatch face has captured a lot of interest since Motorola had announced the Moto 360 due to its more natural aesthetics similar to traditional smartwatches and it looks like Samsung is not one to be left out of the action.

Details are still scarce about Samsung’s circular smartwatch plans, and SamMobile admits that it does not know whether the device will be running the Tizen OS, similar to what’s available on the Gear 2, or Android Wear, an option that Samsung used for the Gear Live watch and what is available on the Moto 360.

“What our source didn’t tell us is when the circular Gear will be made official, though we’re guessing it will be a few months after the Galaxy Note 4 gets launched,” SamMobile reported, meaning that the circular Gear watch may not be available until late into the holiday shopping season or early next year if that timeline is accurate as the Galaxy Note 4 is widely believed to be launching early next month.

Another round smartwatch that is being teased now is the LG G Watch R.

In addition to the circular Gear, we’re also seeing rumors heat up again about a SIM-enabled Gear watch. This smartwatch would not need to be paired with a smartphone to get information and would be a standalone product.

Are you excited about Samsung’s circular Gear watch? Knowing Samsung, it would probably be packed with sensors as the Gear 2 comes with a camera, heart rate sensor, and an IR blaster to control your home entertainment system.

Source: SamMobile

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