Broadcom says its new hardware will boost the battery life of Android Wear watches

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Future Android Wear devices could benefit from using a newly announced hardware platform from Broadcom. The company said today that its products, when used inside an Android Wear product, could help increase its battery life, among other features.

Here’s what Broadcom said about its new smartwatch hardware, which will be demoed next week at the 2015 Mobile World Congress event:

Broadcom’s new smartwatch platform reduces power usage by up to 40 percent over the previous generation, driving further improvement on the core challenge of battery drain in wearables. The platform improves function and performance by offering a smaller form factor, enabling OEMs to add more features or include a larger battery inside their wearable to allow for even longer time between charges.

In addition to an advanced application processor (AP) and Broadcom’s leading Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo chip in the new platform, OEMs can choose to integrate GPS with sensor hub processing, near field communication (NFC), wireless charging support and camera support based on their product needs.

Broadcom says that it is currently sampling its new hardware to OEMs but there’s no word on when it might be used in an upcoming Android Wear device.

Source: Broadcom

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