Google reminds us that the Android Wear update will come to all watches

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Android Wear

Yes, little Gear Live and G Watch, there is a Santa Claus

There’s been some talk about the the past few days, and Google wants to fill us all in on the juicy details. At the Official Google Blog they’ve posted up a nice synopsis about the update, what it entails, and most importantly reminding us that all Android Wear devices will see it.

That sounds like a good thing, too. Included will be GPS support for watches — like Sony’s SmartWatch 3 — that have the required sensor, as well as a method to allow apps to push music to your watch for offline listening via Bluetooth. As a bonus, the API for custom watch faces should be sorted, allowing for more and better user customization.

Officially, the update is slated for “the coming months.” We’re ready, and you know we’ll holler as soon as we know anything new.


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