Ohyo 1000 (Sustainable Drinking Water)

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Ohyo 500ml Collapsabottle is a hit on the UK High Street at Marks and Spencers and Boots. To break into the USA and the sports market Ohyo needs to grow to 1000ml.

Ohyo (www.ohyo.me) is the handy, collapsible water bottle that’s easy to take anywhere. An extended Ohyo holds 500ml. When empty an Ohyo will squish down to fit in a pocket, a handbag… even under a hat!

Using (and re-using) an Ohyo avoids the need to buy environmentally-damaging bottled water. Refill your Ohyo from the tap just twice and Ohyo is carbon neutral. Ohyo is BPA-free and made in Sheffield, UK. Fill it for free with www.findafountain.org or download our free app.

For many sports and outdoor enthusiasts the Ohyo 500 is just not big enough. So we’ve set to work with our Sheffield manufacturers to design a bigger Ohyo 1000. We need Kickstarter funding to finish the job. Pledge now, and make a stand against environmentally damaging bottled-water!

So far we’ve avoided debt and venture capitalists by assembling a team of talented shareholders and supporters. To make the Ohyo 1000, a trigonometrist plotted the perfect angles, an engineer sculpted the mould and designers worked hard to get our image right. It almost works but we’re still having a few technical issues to mass produce the bottle, but we’re on the home straight!

The mould tools are very expensive and each minor adjustment is an added expense. We are working hard to develop practical but eco-friendly packaging and we also face the major expense of internationalising our patents. Rather than grappling with banks and investors, we are offering the Kickstarter community a great package of rewards to help us overcome these obstacles and be ready to despatch the finished product in November. Thank you in advance for your support with this sustainable project!

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