Crowd Coffee: December 24

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How Venture Capital and Crowdfunding Can Be Mutually Beneficial | EntrepreneurVCs are not blind to the advantages of crowdfunding. Successful campaigns provide validation—and connections. I backed a Kickstarter product, the OneBowl, a bowl-strainer combo that raised about $60,000. (A nice sum, to be sure, but anyone who knows about delivering plastic-injected widgets is aware that the mold and tooling alone will probably cost $60,000 to set up.) As I followed OneBowl’s post-campaign updates, it became apparent that the founder was getting inquiries about financing, manufacturing partners and even sales and distribution based on the success of the campaign. Those connections would ordinarily take years of pitching and road shows to put together. OneBowl did it in months.

SEC proposes rule amendments to conform registration thresholds to JOBS Act thresholds | LexologyThe Jobs Act amended Section 12(g)(1) of the Exchange Act to raise the threshold for the number of holders of record that trigger registration to either 2,000 holders of record or 500 holders of record that are not accredited investors, whichever first occurs. While the JOBS Act required the SEC to amend its rules to be consistent with these amendments, the change in the registration threshold was immediately effective, notwithstanding the absence of new regulations by the SEC (except for the exclusion of crowdfunding investors from the shareholder count).

Using crowdfunding to beat Germany’s football dominance | DWIn contrast, in crowdfunding members of the public pledge money, often via an online portal, to projects that they want to see go ahead. They are then normally promised something in return, by those who have been sponsored. The method, which has existed in the US for years, is slowly starting to become more popular in Europe, and independent films and music as well as community projects are benefiting.

Utah crowd-funding: A Christmas rush order | The Salt Lake TribuneThis week’s Utah Crowd-Funding Project is seeking a Christmas miracle — and fast. Utah filmmaker Tyler Ford has a big dream: To make a movie version of Henry Van Dyke’s 1911 book “The Mansion. The book is a Christian parable, along the lines of Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” in which businessman John Weightman has a dream in which he goes to heaven. A guide in heaven shows Weightman the mansions built for those in heaven.

GSA touts benefits of internal crowdsourcing efforts | FierceGovernmentFederal agencies are often encouraged to consult external stakeholders to assess the direction and impact of their policies, but there are many advantages to crowdsourcing within a given agency as well, says the General Services Administration. For example, the State Department’s Office of eDiplomacy began piloting a crowdsourcing platform in November called CrowdWork. The tool allows any office at the department to post tasks, and employees around the world can respond and complete the tasks.

Open Innovation: 5 Questions with Kimberly-Clark’s Mayur Gupta | Brand ChannelLike many other CPG companies, Kimberly-Clark is trying to become more agile, especially when it comes to identifying, evaluating and spurring innovation in areas ranging from new products to digital marketing. But the parent of brands including Kleenex and Huggies has been taking a different—and in some ways more aggressive—tack than others in the industry toward finding these new ideas and putting them to work. Kimberly-Clark’s strategy is embodied in the company’s Digital Innovation Lab, which is focusingon open-source innovation with its second annual KChallenge startup challenge at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show 2015. The winner will get the chance to pilot a project with one of K-C’s global brands, a roster that also includes Depends, Scott and Kotex.

Tampa Bay’s latest in the sharing economy: ‘Uber for planes’ | Tampa Bay Business JournalEveryone’s favorite controversial car-hailing company is the latest brand name to stand in for the concept bringing it business. Like what Dumpster did for trash containers and Kleenex for tissues, Uber has become the poster child of what some call the sharing economy, a business model where a business is merely the mobile marketplace for customers renting their own goods.

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