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TCL buys Palm brand from HP, vows to restore its luster by crowd-sourcing revival | Fierce WirelessPart of TCL’s strategy for the brand will be to involve the Palm fan community in future products, TCL said, “making it the largest scale crowd-sourced project ever seen in the industry.” TCL indicated it wants to do more than just build new devices under the Palm brand. The company also wants to deliver “absolute breakthrough innovations” in technology, design, operating system, applications, user experience, marketing, the supply chain and business models.

Amateur Explorers Are Using High-Res Satellite Images to Search for Genghis Khan’s Tomb | SmithsonianWithin six months, over 10,000 armchair explorers spent a total of 30,000 hours searching the landscape, ultimately tagging over 2.3 million sites. From there, researchers narrowed the list down to 100 accessible locations, and a field team verified 55 archeologically significant sites, including what are thought to be gravesites dating from the Bronze Age to the Mongol era.

New online forum to crowdsource free travel ideas | Canoe.caA new online website and community forum has been created specifically for frugal travellers looking for free activities abroad. Launched as a crowdsourced, user-generated site, Freefortourists.cominvites travellers to share their tips on budget-friendly tourist activities and cost-saving ideas while travelling. Under Paris, for example, visitors are advised that Musee Carnavalet and the Sacred Heart Basilica in Montmartre are free, while New York-bound visitors can participate in free two-hour walking tours that cover Wall Street, Broadway and Battery Park, among other landmarks.

Ambank launches crowdsourcing platform | The Sun DailyAmbank (M) Bhd has launched a crowdsourcing platform, “TRUE Lab”, to enhance its connectivity with young professional customers aged between 25 and 34. In a statement here today, Ambank said the platform was designed to seek ideas from young professionals on banking solutions and services with the aim of co-creating innovative solutions. Ambank Retail Banking, Acting Head, Anthony Chin said as the financial industry moved rapidly towards digitalization, it was imperative to leverage on the power of online communities and engage with young professional customers as content creators.

Crowdfunding Bypasses Party Finance Laws, Warns Spain’s Audit Court | Crowdfund InsiderThe report detected “deficiencies” and “inconsistencies” in Podemos’s accounting, and El Pais noted that “nearly €50,000 in individual donations were not properly identified. Podemos’s finance chief, Segundo González, said the Paypal account that online donors sent money to does not make the same identity requirements as the Spanish Audit Court. In other words, online donors are not required to provide their name, ID and address the way other donors are. The report makes further recommendations, such as limiting campaign expenditure to “the essential” and providing the Audit Court with detailed documentation on costs.”

Pioneering classical music agency Noel Music Management is offering philanthropic music lovers world premieres, private concerts and even whole festivals held in their name as part of a new crowdfunding scheme With crowdfunding becoming increasingly popular Noel Music Management has brought the relatively new fundraising method to the classical music industry. Music lovers and philanthropists alike can give between £40 and £10,000 to receive VIP tickets and backstage access to concerts featuring the agency’s 13 professional soloists and 140 strong orchestra in venues across the UK.

Dating site misses Kickstarter goal but finds national audience | Journal SentinelThe founders of, a dating website that encourages realism and humor, didn’t make their Kickstarter goal. But they did kick-start the promotion machine. David Wheeler of Waukesha and his friend, Jacob Thompson of St. Charles, Ill., started in 2013 and built — slowly — to 150 members in 2014. In December, the two men began a campaign to raise $45,000 to streamline the site.

What Happens To Uber Drivers And Other Sharing Economy Workers Injured On The Job? | ForbesOmar, a 32-year-old Uber driver, was working a typical late-night shift in Los Angeles last month when his ride veered from pleasant to violent in just a few minutes. When he pulled his SUV full of passengers up to the Hollywood Tower apartments around 2:30 a.m., two of the riders refused to leave his car. An argument broke out, and Omar said one of the passengers hit him with a shiny object, broke his jaw in two places and landed him in the hospital for a week.

Study Examines Effects of the ‘Sharing Economy’ Revolution | HeartlandA recent study by published by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University examines the recent rise of innovative peer-to-peer companies such as Airbnb, Lyft, and Uber, explaining the “sharing economy” and its relationship with consumers and regulators. Mercatus Center scholars Christopher Koopman, Matthew Mitchell, and Adam Thierer define the sharing economy as “any marketplace that brings together distributed networks of individuals to share or exchange otherwise underutilized goods—for both monetary and non-monetary benefit.”

Should CIOs embrace the new sharing economy? | IT World CanadaAccording to analysts, the sharing economy could be worth hundreds of billions in revenues within a decade. How can CIOs go beyond simply protecting themselves from it, and learn to embrace it? The sharing economy focuses on taking latent wealth and freeing it up for commercial use. With everything from holiday apartments through to cars often sitting idle, it makes sense to make use of them – especially if we can make a little money in the process.

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