Hands-on with the Samsung Gear S

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Gear S

Samsung has been no slouch when it comes to pushing smartwatches to the market. It seems that every few months a new device launches — be it good or bad — so that Samsung can stay strong in the wearables race. Today we see the newest of the bunch as the Samsung Gear S has been unveiled.

The Gear S isn’t a new Android Wear device however, yet another Tizen-powered smartwatch. It performs the basics like showing the time & weather, and also has fitness tracking and a built-in heart rate monitor. So what makes it different than the recent Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit?

For starters, the Gear S is sporting a new curved display. The 2-inch Super AMOLED screen rolls in at 360×480. It breaks away from the standard flat screens and offers a new experience, giving you more real estate on your wrist. It’s hard to tell just yet, but it could be a bit too big even.

The second — and most important feature — is that the Gear S also has cellular connectivity. Meaning you can now throw in a SIM card and use the Gear S as a standalone device, without the need for a companion smartphone.

Our pal Phil at Android Central got to play around with the new Gear S to see what makes it tick, so be sure to check out the full hands-on.

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